Hepatitis B vaccine: long-term efficacy, booster policy, and impact of HBV mutants on hepatitis B vaccination programmes

Sevilla, Spain, March 11-12, 2004

Thursday, March 11, 2004


Session 1          Opening and objectives


Chair: José de la Torre, Spain, and André Meheus, Belgium


09.00 - 09.30

  • Welcome
  • Introduction of the participants
  • Objectives of the meeting:
    1. To review long-term efficacy of hepatitis B vaccine and effectiveness of hepatitis B vaccination programmes
    2. To review data on immune memory induced by hepatitis B vaccine
    3. To update the current hepatitis B booster vaccination recommendations
    4. To update the viewpoints on the potential impact of HBV mutants on hepatitis B vaccination programmes
  • Review of the meeting programme
  • Pre-meeting document  242 Kb (.doc)


Session 2          Hepatitis B: efficacy of vaccines and effectiveness of vaccination programmes


Chair: Lluís Salleras, Spain, and André Meheus, Belgium


09.30 - 10.10  

Follow-up of hepatitis B vaccination programmes in Taiwan and Singapore 955 Kb (.pdf)

Sheng-Nan Lu (Taipei, Taiwan)


10.10 - 10.55

Follow-up of hepatitis B vaccination programmes in Gambia 537 Kb (.pdf)

Andy Hall (London, United Kingdom)


10.55 - 11.25

Coffee break


11.25 - 12.15

Hepatitis B vaccine studies in Alaska 732 Kb (.pdf)

Brian McMahon (Anchorage, USA)


12.15 - 12.55

Follow-up of hepatitis B vaccination in Canada 525 Kb (.pdf)

Bernard Duval (Beauport, Canada)


12.55 - 14.40




Chair: Nicole Guérin, France, and Peter Grob, Switzerland


14.20 - 14.45

Follow-up of hepatitis B vaccination: studies in Thailand 105 Kb (.pdf)

Michel Stoffel (Rixensart, Belgium)


14.45 - 15.10

Follow-up of hepatitis B vaccination: studies in Spain  990 Kb (.pdf)

Vicente Carreño (Madrid, Spain)


 15.10 - 15.35

Evaluation of the school-based hepatitis B vaccination programme in Catalonia (Spain) 311 Kb (.pdf)

Lluís Salleras (Barcelona, Spain)


15.35 - 16.10

Update of the universal vaccination programme in Italy 483 Kb (.pdf)

Alessandro Zanetti (Milano, Italy)


16.10 - 16.40

The decline of hepatitis B virus infection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 489 Kb (.pdf)

Banji Ayoola (Abu-Arish, Saudi Arabia)


16.40 - 16.55

Coffee break



Session 3             Long-term persistence of hepatitis B antibodies and immune memory


Chair: Daniel Lavanchy, Switzerland, and Johannes Hallauer, Germany


16.55 - 17.30

Kinetics of hepatitis B surface antigen-specific immune responses in acute and chronic hepatitis B 463 Kb (.pdf)

Wulf Böcher (Mainz, Germany)


17.30 - 18.05

Immune memory after hepatitis B vaccination193 Kb (.pdf)

Wolfgang Jilg (Regensburg, Germany)



Close of the day and summary by the chairs




Friday, March 12, 2004


Session 4          Current hepatitis b vaccine booster recommendations


Chair: Nedret Emiroðlu, Denmark, and Daniel Shouval, Israel


09.00 - 09.15

Are booster immunisations needed for lifelong hepatitis B immunity?236 Kb (.pdf)

Jangu Banatvala (Oxford, United Kingdom)


09.15 - 09.35

WHO booster recommendations158 Kb (.pdf)

Daniel Lavanchy (Geneva, Switzerland)


09.35 - 09.55

Are booster doses of hepatitis B vaccine necessary? Current CDC recommendations and gaps in knowledge 330 Kb (.pdf)

Susan Goldstein (Atlanta, USA)


09.55 - 11.00



11.00 - 11.35

Coffee break



Session 5          Impact of HBV mutants on vaccination programmes


Chair: Alessandro Zanetti, Italy, and Wolfgang Jilg, Germany


11.35 - 12.10

Vaccine escape mutants of HBV 2487 Kb (.pdf)

Ulus Akarca (Izmir, Turkey)


12.10 - 12.45

General discussion on the potential impact of HBV mutants


12.45 - 14.30




Session 6          Conclusions of the meeting


Chair: Mark Kane, USA, and Steven Wiersma, Switzerland


14.30 - 15.30

Presentation of the VHPB meeting conclusions 138 Kb (.pdf)

David FitzSimons (Geneva, Switzerland)



Close of the meeting