VHPB technical meeting: Hepatitis A vaccination: One dose

Meeting objectives:

  • Review long-term efficacy of hepatitis A vaccine one dose and field effectiveness of hepatitis A vaccination programs.
  • Discuss current efficacy, effectiveness and scientific evidence for one dose hepatitis A vaccination.

Background document (Pdf, 857 kB).


Tursday 11th of June 2020

Session 1: Welcome and opening of the meeting    

Chairs: Pierre Van Damme & Greet Hendrickx

17:00 - 17:20    

  • Welcome and opening of the meeting
  • Introduction of the VHPB

Session 2:  Key messages of the presentations - Questions

Chair: Pierre Van Damme

17:20 – 17:30     Presentation 1: Experience with one dose in Latin America 

Experience after Seven year of follow up and Statistical modelling alongside observational data predicts long-term immunogenicity of one dose and two doses of paediatric hepatitis A vaccine in the Mendoza province of Argentina.

Carlos Espul


Presentation 2: Experience with one dose in Asia 

No presentation  


17:30 - 17:40     Presentation 3: Immune memory with one dose of hepatitis A vaccine – booster dose? 

A single dose of inactivated hepatitis. A vaccine promotes HAV-specific memory cellular response similar to that induced by a natural infection.

Juliana Gil Melgaço 


17:40 - 17:50     Presentation 4 : Economic analysis of the use of single dose 

Economic analysis of the single-dose immunization strategy against hepatitis A in Argentina.  

Analia Uruena  


17:50 - 18:00     Presentation 5 : Scientific evidence for the use of one dose  

Systematic literature review on efficacy/effectiveness of single dose hepatitis A paediatric vaccination programs   

Eveline M. Bunge, PhD, Rosa C. van Hoorn, MSc (Pallas) 


18:00 - 18:20     Questions concerning presentations  

  • Data from CHINA - Xuan-Yi Wang

  • Hepatitis A activities in WHO - Christoph Steffen  


Session 3: Groups Discussion

18:20 - 19:45     Statements to be discussed during the groups discussion 

    1. 1. Is there enough scientific evidence to support one dose hepatitis A vaccination  

    (Chair: Daniel Shouval) 

    1. 2. Can one dose be recommended in outbreak managements 

    (Chair: Sema Mandal) 

    1. 3. Better one than no dose? 

    (Chair: Thomas Vanwolleghem)  

    1. 4. Do we need a booster after one dose hepatitis A vaccination 

    (Chair: Vana Papaevangelou) 

19:45 - 20:00     Closing of the meeting


The report of the meeting will be added later.