WHO HIV & Hepatitis News

At the end of 2018, WHO HIV & Hepatitis had some important news to announce, two of these we would like to bring to your attention.

More information and extra WHO Hepatitis news is easy accesible on https://www.who.int/hepatitis/en/


2024 May, New EDCD data show a persisting high burden of Hepatitis B and C in the EU/EEA

Recent ECDC data show that despite progress in prevention and control efforts, the hepatitis B and hepatitis C viruses (HBV and HCV) continue to pose significant public health challenges in the European Union and European Economic Area (EU/EEA).


News 2024 February, VHPB endorses European Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis 2024 - Last call for abstracts!

The VHPB endorses the European meeting on HIV & Hepatitis 2024 - Treatment Strategies & Antiviral Drug Resistance (22-24 May 2024, Barcelona, Spain).


News 2023 November, VHPB endorses IVHEM2023

The VHPB endorses the International Viral Hepatitis Elimination Meeting, 1-2 December 2023, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


News 2023 October, Attention for hepatitis D as a public health problem

Based on the VHPB technical meeting on the changing context of hepatitis Delta (28-29 Oct 2021), a number of VHPB advisor, together with the VHPB scientific secretariat have written a maniscript entitled: The elimination of hepatitis D as a public health problem: Needs and challenges.


News 2023 August, Gavi's green light for hepatitis B birth dose vaccination in Africa

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, resumes support for hepatitis B vaccination of newborns in Africa. 


News 2023 July, VHPB meeting materials available online

Following VHPB meeting materials are now available online:

  1. Elimination of Viral Hepatitis in the Balkan countries: Lessons Learnt and the way forward, Skopje (North Macedonia), 27-28 October 2022
  • The meeting objectives
  • The background document
  • The agenda, including all presentations
  • The meeting conclusions as presented during the meeting
  • The meeting report



News - 2023 June, VHPB endorses the HepHIV2023 Conference

The VHPB endorses the HepHIV2023 Conference.

HepHIV2023 Conference: Progress and implementation of integrated testing, new technologies and ensuring equity in the delivery of HIV, viral hepatitis and STI services, 13-15 November 2023, Madrid, Spain.


News - 2023 May, VHPB endorses the European Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis 2023

The VHPB endorses the European Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis 2023.


News - 2022 VHPB works closely with ELPA

The VHPB works closely with the European Liver Patients’ Association (ELPA). In our most recent meeting: The Elimination of Viral Hepatitis in the Balkan Countries, we were able to invite several representatives from local patient organizations through ELPA, which was a great added value for the meeting.

There is a permanent seat in the VHPB board for a representative from ELPA, which is currently occupied by EPLA president Marko Korenjak.